About Visallo

Visallo is a web-based investigation tool with machine learning algorithms for investigative link analysis, data discovery, crime analytics, and geospatial analysis. 

It’s designed for intelligence analysts, law enforcement investigators, and fraud analysts / investigators who need tools to help them discover and visualize complex relationships within vast amounts of data without resorting to time-consuming, ad-hoc, and error-prone manual processes. These are analysts that want to make sure they don’t miss important non-obvious insights during their investigations, desire to produce more accurate, thorough, and defensible conclusions, and ultimately seek to be more accomplished investigators able to competently tackle the toughest cases. 

Visallo does this not by replacing the role of the analyst, but by augmenting their hard-earned experience and intuition with data-driven insights and analysis that would be difficult, if not impossible, to discover otherwise. 

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Benefits of Visallo: 

  • Gives analysts much greater insight by helping them discover complex hidden connections in massive amounts of data
  • Enables analysts to work faster and achieve better situational awareness using an extensive collection of visualization tools
  • Ensures nothing is missed by aggregating and analyzing data of all types into a single, searchable, investigation system
  • Promotes collaborative work across investigative teams, leading to more rigorous conclusions
  • Simplifies deployment and user adoption due to its server-based installation and web-based user interface.
  • Provides extensive customization options to adapt to mission needs with a modular, plugin-in based architecture.
  • Protects data at the highest granularity possible, with the option to apply separate access controls to every entity, property, and relationship.